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NCU Student Appointed First Female President of the National Police Youth Club

NCU Student Appointed First Female President of the National Police Youth Club

President for the National Police Youth Club Movement, Letesha Whyte.

Photo Credit: Raheed Bailey

By: Katrich Walker

Manchester, Jamaica- The National Youth Club Movement saw the inauguration of its first and youngest Female President along with 10 newly elected members during a ceremony and training session held recently at the Office of the Police Commissioner in St Andrew.

Twenty-year-old student at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU), Letesha Whyte made history when she became the first female President of one of the oldest youth organizations in Jamaica.

The National Police Youth Club Council of Jamaica (NPYCCJ) is the arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) that deals specifically with fostering a better relationship between Communities and the Police.

Whyte, who is also a former member of the Youth Parliament of Jamaica, said despite the current health crisis, the movement will not be deterred in its duties to help fight crime in the communities of Jamaica.

“Going forward, this administration will be adjusting to the new normal hence 99.9 per cent of our activities will be held virtually. The work must go on and the pandemic will not be an excuse or obstacle for poor performance.”

Whyte shared that for the first quarter of the year the committee will undertake different leadership workshops that will assist the newly-minted members with guidelines to execute any plans they have in the future as well as teach them their roles and responsibilities.

“The projects all night leadership workshop is scheduled to start on January 21,  to February 12, 2021, for all area, divisional and local police youth club executive members.”

The Public Relations emphasis shared that the Youth Club provides a platform for young people to grow personally and professionally.

The police youth club movement provides opportunities through sports, entertainment, volunteerism, forums, and workshops.

The appointed members will be serving in their positions for the next two years.

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