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NCU President Urges Med Tech Students to Stay Calm Amidst COVID Crisis

NCU President Urges Med Tech Students to Stay Calm Amidst COVID Crisis

Twenty-two Medical Technologists were pinned at Northern Caribbean University during a ceremony held on Thursday, February 18, 2021.

Photo Credit: Jevon Thomas

By: Suzell Wray

Mandeville, Jamaica –Newly Pinned Medical Technology students are being encouraged to stay calm, as they prepare to undertake their clinicals during the coronavirus pandemic.

The call comes from Northern Caribbean University (NCU) President, Dr Lincoln Edwards who was speaking during the virtual staging of the university’s Med Tech pinning ceremony on Thursday, February 18.

Twenty-two students were inducted for the next phase of their studies.

Dr Edwards, in his address, advised the students to apply what they have been taught by their professors.

“The spike in the novel coronavirus cases in Manchester is of concern to all of us, as NCU’s main campus is located in Mandeville and this is where you have to do your labs.”

His comments come in light of a report, from Health officials that there is a crisis at the Mandeville Regional Hospital where some staff members have tested positive for COVID-19

He also expressed congratulations to the students, noting that the field is in demand, now more than ever.

“When you started your course of study we were not experiencing a global pandemic, but Medical Technologists are guided by clear and strict codes that if followed will protect you as you prepare to perform and analyse the results of complex, scientific tests in hospitals and independent laboratories where you will do internship and ultimately work.”

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of Medical Technology Services, Mitchelle L. Maylor-Archat encouraged students not to step on others but work together to achieve the goal at hand.

“The best route to take is to work with others, seek a mentor and work with others. Keep people around you and keep them informed as much as you can… try and look for opportunities, if you can, volunteer at a lab so that it can help you to build your theory.”

Mrs Maylor- Archat, who shared that she had worked through several epidemics, including malaria, encouraged the students to pay attention to detail while working in the field.

The ceremony also saw students receiving NCU CARES awards in the categories of Display of Christ-Centeredness, Stewardship, Improved Affirmation, Respectful Conduct, and the Top Male and Female Academic Achiever for each year.

The proceedings were held under the theme, ‘Masterfully Trained, Prepared to Help in Saving Lives Amidst the Pandemic.’

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