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|Trisanya Drummond

MANDEVILLE,ncu- President of the Northern Caribbean University Dr. Lincoln Edwards has gifted one of three dormitories on campus, Jamaica Hall with 9 new iMac computers on November 7th 2019.

Dr. Edwards said, “The University administration takes seriously, the educational advancement of all students of the University, both those on the dormitories and students who commute. The acquisition of the computers was an initiative of the University President to improve the educational facilities that serve the students on Jamaica Hall”.

Dean of Jamaica Hall Dean Lilith Scarlett said, “I’m very happy that we got these computers, we were promised them for a while as the other ones were no longer functioning and a number of persons are having laptop issues so I feel they’ve come at an appropriate time and for that we are grateful”.

Resident of Jamaica Hall Marva- Marie Hall said, “I’m very happy that we got these computers. They been a big help to me while studying, completing assignments and attending my online classes. I can also see that the other residents are taking advantage of these new resources we’ve received and that’s very good”.

Edwards also said, “The computers were purchased by the University as part of a medium term project being fulfilled, as the objective was achieved approximately 6 months after conception. There are some plans which are short-term, some medium-term, and others long-term, and these projects will be actualized as resources become available”.

Jamaica Hall is the larger female dorm of both existing female dorms on campus which was gifted these IMacs, however, the dorm still has underlying issues that need immediate attention such as a bathroom that has been out of use since the commencement of the Fall semester.

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