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NCU Expected to Have Functioning Ambulance in 6 Weeks

NCU  Expected to Have Functioning Ambulance in 6 Weeks

Vice President of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) Dr Paul Gyles says repairs to the main campus ambulance are expected to be completed in 4-6 weeks.

According to NCU Security Duty Officer and First response ambulance driver Donald Bogle, a series of repairs were done to fix the underlying problem with the ambulance, however, more issues emerged the upper and lower ball joints of the vehicle. He went on to make mention of the missing front wheels which have added to the loss of appropriate mobile first aid.

Dr.Gyles said, “The ambulance is in need of new parts to enable proper functioning. These parts are not limited to local purchase and may have to be sourced overseas.”

Mrs S. Ellis who oversees the ambulance’s repairs stated, that mechanics have been hired and are on standby until the parts are acquired.

NCU student, Jason Grant said, “It is beyond disbelief that they don’t have a working ambulance. It is highly unacceptable knowing the risk they are taking; what if there is an actual emergency, what would happen then?”

Dr.Gyles had no comments as it relates to what first aid measures have been put in place due to the absence of the ambulance.

The university’s ambulance has been out of service and left at the main parking lot since October of 2018

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