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NCU Cafeteria Needs Better CUSTOMER SERVICE

NCU Cafeteria Needs Better CUSTOMER SERVICE

An incident on Tuesday, October 11th, at the Northern Caribbean University Cafeteria (Sorenson Hall) has brought to the fore the struggle that exists within the food services department concerning quality customer service being met out to the student population.

At approximately five minutes after 11 on Tuesday morning, a student standing in the Sorenson Hall lunch line was only met with nonchalance responses and laughter as she enquired about the meal options for the day, which should have been written on the menu board but were missing at the time.

She reportedly asked the female lunch line supervisor what was on the menu for the day, to which the supervisor responded: “I don’t know”. The student went on to ask the supervisor “How is it possible that you are the supervisor and you don’t know [what’s on the menu]?” The student was then left to feel humiliated as the female supervisor – and another student with whom she was speaking previously, went into a bout of laughter which seemingly left the student confused and upset.

At least one other student was heard complaining about the slow pace at which customers were being served and the need for students to know and exercise their rights.

This incident comes in light of a thrust by the University to deal with issues relating to the cafeteria, with one such issue being limited menu options. It is alleged that the University is in the process of undertaking a qualitative study in which student opinion will also play a part in enhancing or improving the menu sector of Sorenson Hall.

It has not yet been determined if workers in the department will undergo training so as to improve the current customer service atmosphere that now exists. It is also undetermined how the University will deal with the usual long lines that are regular occurrences during peak hours.

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