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NCU Making Efforts to “Go Green”

NCU Making Efforts to “Go Green”

Purchasing Officer of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) Food Services Department, Omar Barrett, stated that the institution’s cafeteria is expected to “go green” and join the nationwide Eco-friendly efforts at the end of March 2019.

Barrett stipulated that the University has not fully adapted to the island-wide wide plastic ban because the sourcing of biodegradable and eco-friendly material has proven to be a tedious task.

Paper cup distributed on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, on NCU main campus (Photo By Trisanya Drummond)

Another representative of The Food Services Department also said that the changeover has been delayed due to the high cost of the products, the lack of the required portion sizes of the tableware and the vast amount that has to be purchased.

NCU student Marva-Marie Hall says, “I am looking forward to seeing what the health and wellness influencers of NCU have in place for the island-wide plastic ban.”

Barrett also stated that he believes the institution has done a great deal with the switchover from plastic to biodegradable despite the “abruptness” of the ban.

The institution expects to implement biodegradable straws, cups, boxes and reusable bags.

On Tuesday, January 29th  2019, Sorenson Hall, the main campus cafeteria, distributed lunches in paper boxes, while paper bags, cups, and straws were available. However, supplies did not last into the rest of the week.

The plastic ban was announced to the public in September of 2018 and came into full effect on the 1st of January. The maximum fine under the Trade Act (Trade Plastic Packaging Material Order) 2018 is 2 million dollars, or $50,000 under the NRCA (Plastic Packaging Prohibiting) Order 2018. Each act carries an imprisonment term of two years.

NCU continues to make pressing efforts to join the rest of the country in this initiative to use goods and services that reduce the harm upon ecosystems or the environment.


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