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NCU Business Student Aims for Future as Financial Expert

NCU Business Student Aims for Future as Financial Expert

Business Student at the Northern Caribbean University, Chad-Anthony Coke, was recently declared the winner of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Fourth Quarter Market Research Analysis for Signus Credit Investment Limited on September 18, 2020.

Photo Credit: Nigel Coke

By: Crystal Scale

The familiar saying- “The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night” is a common but profound philosophy that encapsulates  Chad-Anthony Coke’s drive for success.

The Final Year, Northern Caribbean University (NCU), Business Administration student was recently highlighted by the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE), for winning the Fourth Quarter Market Research Analysis for Signus Credit Investment Limited. However, this composed and analytical student’s expertise in the market was the fruition of the strategic wisdom and disciplined growth nurtured over the years.

“From high school I got interested, I hated the sciences and I had to choose between the sciences and business and I chose business,” Coke said. He highlighted that as a grade nine student, it was his interest in his father’s job in investment banking that sparked his interest.

“I was the type of person that if I learn something new, I got obsessed with it and I’d try to do my best in that area,” the Finance Major described his teenage self.

Coke, who classifies himself as an introvert with an analytical mindset, recalled his teen years keeping attuned with business news, articles, and business and market research – he was determined to learn everything he could. Naturally, many would assume that he was self-assured of his life aspirations.  However, he too had his share of insecurities and challenges.

“Freshman year I was really wondering if I really wanted to be in finance… I hated Math and the world was moving towards technology,” Coke divulged. Instead of pursuing Business Administration, he succumbed to the common challenge for numerous university students – choosing the right area of study.

One year and a semester into studying Computer Science Systems, his efforts proved futile as he failed courses and struggled with the choice he made – he knew he had to change his course of study. Coke later decided to change his undergraduate degree to Business Administration.  Soon after, his plans, work and passion started to realign.

“I am very analytical and I tend to look at the big picture, and that also ties into my major and what I want to do with my life.  I guess in some ways it was the perfect fit,” Coke explained. Over time his passion led to him into the intriguing world of the stock market and he took to it with exuberance. Seen on campus with a “small circle of friends” and serious demeanour, the seemingly misunderstood Coke had a surprise up his sleeves.

Even though he may not be a straight-A student, Coke acknowledged that, when he wasn’t spending his “spear time” on video games, cars or technology, he was investing his time developing expertise in his field would “speak for themselves”.

“For me, my spear time is the 10,000 hours I spend trying to develop myself…I’m a pretty average student – I’m an average person,” he humbly stated.

Then the time came to show how the gift of his years’ disciple and learning and so after a year after postponing entering the JSE Market Research Competition, he took up the challenge.

“There were many sleepless nights… having summer classes, which were module classes, I worked on the report during the day and then work at it again in the night,” Coke described his behind-the-scenes moments preparing his report. After approximately two and a half months of juggling school, the competition and the conflicted feelings about his first attempt- his analysis for the Signus Credit Investment Limited won the competition!

“I was so overwhelmed by the support that I received after winning the competition but I am so humbled and thankful for all the support,” he shared.

Even though Coke admitted to feeling uncertain about his prospect of winning, there were a few who knew and believed in his capabilities. Lecturer in the Business Department, Andrew Carty shared that Coke’s achievement was not surprising.

His achievement is not surprising because I know his interest in the markets and passion for research analysis.  He is purpose-driven and has great initiative and is poised for many other achievements,” Carty shared.

“I really don’t know everything and finance is a field where if you think you know it all you won’t really last in the industry because things are always changing so you have to adapt to it,” the aspiring Investment Research and Banking student said.

Coke advised students interested in the stock market, to assess their aversion to risks, utilize knowledge hubs like YouTube and to apply a disciplined approach when developing their skills, especially if they can and are willing to tap into the affordable investment opportunities available during COVID-19.  On the other hand, he left parting words of wisdom for all students.

“Apart from doing well in school… try to be the best version of yourself, try to put in those hours to develop yourself more that after graduating you can set yourself apart from other students in the industry.”

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