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NCU Badminton Coach Calls for More Investment from the University

NCU Badminton Coach Calls for More Investment from the University

Jamaica Badminton Technical director, former head coach of the National Badminton team and NCU Badminton instructor Howard Ranger insists that Northern Caribbean University (NCU) should invest more in the sport at the university.

According to Ranger, NCU has just started to include the sport in its curriculum but resources are very much limited in the area as the funds delegated to the sport are simply not enough.

Ranger stated, “The University has good facilities but enough is not being invested”. He further went on to say that NCU is the only facility in Jamaica that has incredible flooring and courts. These courts are even better than college’s specializing in sports development yet still the university does not use this to their advantage and proliferate the sport.

NCU student Marva-Marie Hall stated, “There are many of us as students who love [badminton] and are good at it, however the sport isn’t adequately developed here”.

“Very little has been done to accommodate a NCU Badminton Club”, expressed Coach Ranger. There is little fund to no raising for the sport and outside of that there has been no effort made for Badminton as there is for other sports.

NCU student Jason Grant also stated, “The team at NCU doesn’t get enough recognition and they do well when competing despite not having enough resources”.

Ranger also expressed his disappointment in the fact that the university does not own a sports department and believes that this is part of the reason the sport is not being adequately developed despite the fact that sports proves to be a very important area to venture into especially with the University’s insistence on health and wellness.

The University has recently embraced the idea of awarding part scholarships for Badminton under the insistence of the Social Development Sports personnel. However, this is simply not enough as the sport needs proper and adequate equipment.

He stated that the last time equipment was purchased for the sport was about 4 years ago.

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