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MTUA launches tag drive initiative to alleviate Department’s microscope shortage

MTUA launches tag drive initiative to alleviate Department’s microscope shortage

The Executive Body of the Medical Technology Undergraduates’ Association Club 2020 and President, Jamesha Barrett [left] are all smiles during a shoot for the Graduates’ Yearbook in Spring 2020.

Photo Credit: Renard Brown

By: Suzell Wray

The Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) Medical Technology Undergraduates’ Association (MTUA) Club has launched a virtual Microscope Tag Drive Initiative geared at alleviating the Department’s overwhelming shortage of microscopes.

MTUA President, Jamesha Barrett told the Hilltop Trumpet on Sunday, September 6, 2020, that she has observed where students are affected yearly by a lack of microscopes in the department.

“When our students reach their junior and senior years, one microscope is allotted to two students… due to this reality, there’s a constant rush for students to use the microscopes during their free periods.

The final year Medical Technology major added that she can attest to the challenges faced as the given free periods does not always permit students to gain the sufficient practice needed.

She noted that this deficiency has been the greatest issue that gravely affects students’ progression in completing their tenure in the department.

Barrett revealed that although it is not the club’s responsibility to procure equipment for the department, they must ensure that students who enrol in the faculty have a desirable experience.

“As a Club, we understand that it is absolutely not our responsibility to provide equipment to the department. However, it is a part of our mandate to improve the experiences of our students and as such the sole purpose of the initiative is to aid our students in becoming proficient in Medical Laboratory.”

The 22-year-old St. James native added that the tag drive is not only open to NCU students and faculty but to everyone who feels impressed to donate to the initiative.

“Individuals are expected to deposit their donations via the school’s local and international accounts. After one would have done that, they are expected to send a copy of their receipts to our MTUA email address, after which a virtual tag ticket will be given to the donator.”

Barrett said local donations can be made to the University’s National Commercial Bank to account number 501021520 or through the international medium using account number 504255158. She shared that the public is free to donate at liberty to the initiative.

The MTUA Club serves as a platform where Medical Technology students enrolled at NCU are given the privilege to voice their concerns and seek ways in which their challenges can be alleviated.


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