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Mr. Positive – Closet

Mr. Positive – Closet

|By Quinell Ming, Journalist

When thoughts of positivity are the main produce in the factory of a youth’s mind, the emissions are cleanse and not pollute.

The focal point of this week’s student feature is one of Northern Caribbean University’s most intellectual and talented young men. His name is Giovanni Brown; an 18-year-old Computer Science Major from Spanish Town who commenced his NCU journey after fulfilling his tenure at the Willowdene High School in Fall 2018.

‘Gio’ is known by his peers for his philosophical thinking, upbeat attitude and his creative mindset. He is also the leader of the university’s largest student choir, Shahaye.

As a multipotentialist, the creative avenues that this youngster embarks on tends to lead him in various demiurgic directions. One such direction is fashion designing. Currently, ‘Gio’ is the founder and owner of “The Positive Closet”; a clothing line that emits positivity in every piece of garment. More definitively, Brown said that The Positive Closet is a brand that displays – on t-shirts, insightful life messages that are encapsulated in simple and creative designs.

While we marvel at another example of creativity and industriousness in youth, we must be reminded – if even slightly, that nothing comes easy and success doesn’t arrive without failure. The Positive Closet is an example of perseverance. Giovanni claims that this is his third attempt at establishing a clothing line. He said, “For a very long time I have had interest in making T-shirts, so I’ve actually been making them from 2016. First it was “Vision T’s” … then it moved on to “Somatic Clothing” which was focused on actualising people’s dreams on T-shirts” However, ‘Gio’ believes that his current iteration of his t-shirt brand will be his last.

To the young people hoping to engage in a new endeavour, Giovanni’s encouragement is a simple but profound one. ‘’Achieving much is not as important as achieving your best, because whatever your best is that’s going to be the most that you can achieve”


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