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Marriott Promises to Launch USM Website when Elected VP of Social Affairs

Marriott Promises to Launch USM Website when Elected VP of Social Affairs

Candidate vying for the Office of Student Services and Social Affairs in the United Student Movement 2021 Election, Donique Marriott.

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By: Katrich Walker

Manchester, Jamaica- Aspiring Vice President for the United Student Movement (USM) Office of Student Services and Social Affairs, Donique Marriott says when she’s elected the movement will see the launch of a USM website.

She shared that this is being done in order to enhance the welfare of students enrolled at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) and to make their experience a memorable one.

Marriott, who currently serves as Director of Elections, Policies and Constitutional Affairs for the current regime, told the Hilltop Trumpet that the features of the platform will include a complaint log and a catalogue of all the previous regimes and their endowments to the school.

“The feature I am looking to include would be, but not limited to, a complaint log where students can submit issues on various sectors, the governing document of the movement, dates for events coming from the movement, semesterly program reports, a catalogue of the current and past regimes and their contributions.”

She also listed other plans that she hopes will motivate the students in not just academics, but their social involvements in school. Her manifesto highlights a website for a motivational feature and a ‘Student in the Spotlight Initiative.’ 

Student in the Spotlight Initiative- every two weeks, a student embarking on an entrepreneurial journey will be highlighted. The student population will have a say in this choice and will be the nominators.

Motivational Feature- with help from the Publications Sector, students with motivational stories of how they have overcome challenges will be featured in the Hilltop Trumpet on a monthly basis.

She also listed other recreational activities such as tik tok challenges, competitions, quizzes, and themed days. 

Marriott says she is looking forward to the coming academic year as VP of Student Services and Social Affairs despite knowing that there may be challenges. 

“I know that there will be challenges, but I’m positive that through collaboration, teamwork, and persistence I can get everything necessary achieved.” 

It will be the third consecutive term that the USM Office of Student Services and Social Affairs will be copped by default.

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