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Man killed, woman injured in road accident

Man killed, woman injured in road accident

GEORGETOWN, Guyana- A fatal road accident in Georgetown, Guyana early yesterday morning led to the death of 35-year-old Trevon Butters and injury of 25-year-old Natasha Sobers.

According to the Guyana Chronicles, Butters and Sobers were heading west of Princess Street, George Town after leaving a club together.

Butters, who was the driver of the vehicle, lost control and slammed into a park truck killing him on the spot. Sobers, who suffered a broken leg injury, was taken to the hospital.  According to the Guyana Chronicles, reports are that before Butters slammed into the park truck, the car hit a few stumps on the south part of the road before it dashed into the northern part of the road where the last impact occurred.

The impact of the accident pinned Butters to the car and killed him, while Sobers was flung from the vehicle leading to the broken leg.

It has been reported that Sobers was in an unconscious state up to last evening.

Residents of the area said they were alerted by the impact of the crash and the sound of a woman [Sobers] screaming.


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