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LPRM Employs New Parking System on NCU Main Campus

LPRM Employs New Parking System on NCU Main Campus

The Office of the Loss Prevention and Risk Management (LPRM) has begun issuing new parking cards (P-Cards) as part of a new security measure Called The Gate Entry System (G.E.M.S) on the Northern Caribbean (NCU) main campus.

The issuing of the cards began on January 2,2019.
LPRM released a statement outlining guidelines for its use through Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations (CCMPR) “The same P-Card issued by the security officer upon entrance to the campus is also required for exiting the campus (each card has a unique number) . This will ensure that no vehicle will leave the campus without the knowledge and permission of the person that drove it onto the campus ”

This new security feature has been in the works for years but was not used in anticipation of getting the accompanying equipment. Despite the delay LPRM has decided to move forward with the P Card system.

GEMS is expected to be on every campus.


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