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Local Business Owner Encourages NCU Students to Tap into their Entrepreneurial Minds

Local Business Owner Encourages NCU Students to Tap into their Entrepreneurial Minds

Owner and Operato of Courier Jamaica and Northern Caribbean University alumnus, Willard Chambers.

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By: Trisanya Drummond

Local Business Owner and Northern Caribbean University (NCU) alumnus, Willard Chambers is encouraging students to tap into their entrepreneurial mind as it is a life changing venture with enormous potential and benefits.

Chambers owns and operates ‘Courier Jamaica’ a local shipping company which operates from six (6) locations island-wide and one location in the United States.

The company provides shipment and delivery services for Jamaicans who order from overseas.

The 27-year-old entrepreneur has always had a passion for entrepreneurship as he credits himself as a hardworking individual who is enthusiastic and motivated- both qualities befitting a good entrepreneur.

“I have always had an entrepreneurial mind, my experience in being an entrepreneur is a life changing one. Being an entrepreneur encourages you to think futuristically and I encourage all budding entrepreneurs to tap into this because it is truly rewarding,” says Chambers. 

The former Vice President of Social affairs from the Department of Business and Management Studies at NCU shares that his love for entrepreneurship started from his days in high school at the  Munro College where he sold game CDs and Mega Mart Pastries to his colleagues. 

Chambers also spent the latter part of his teenage years and early twenties in the working world with his father practicing real estate. 

“We shared an unbreakable bond, my father and I, he would always impart key life lessons that I apply to my life to this very day. Unfortunately he passed in 2018 just as I was about to take my business to another level,” he added.

Chambers added that his father greatly doubted his business as he made several attempts to discourage him from pursuing this dream however his father’s doubt gave him an extra source of motivation to prove to him that this business could be successful. 

“Sometimes when I get home from work I still wish I had him around to share my accomplishments and even my disappointments,” says Chambers. 

He recounts troubling times during his tenure at the University of Technology where he was pursuing the Real Estate Salesman course in an attempt to grow his knowledge in the business world and expand his current and booming business ‘Courier Jamaica’ after his tenure at NCU. 

“We had classes all day and I had to step out of lectures to answer customer’s queries, I had to spend my lunch time replying to emails and conducting business related activities so I had no time for myself and it was a struggle.”

The struggle did not end there for Chambers as after graduating he struggled to build his business along with the mental strain of losing his father whom he had a close bond with, but with the help of a strong support system which consisted of close family friends and his sister he was able to overcome these obstacles. 

“I operated my business from my Sister’s bookstore (A-Z Bookstore). I spent four months there after which she gave me the idea of enclosing a walkway on the upstairs and I turned it into an office. I operated from that location for a year and I also had to rent a vehicle from my friend to transport customers’ items as I did not own a vehicle at the time”, says Chambers.

Chambers used all obstacles he faced and opportunities he was given as a stepping stone to expand his business and transform it into what it is today. 

“My persistence and diligence pushed me to grow my business, fast forwarding to now, I currently own four (4) full locations and two (2) sub branches,” he shared. 

The enthusiastic entreprenuer’s inspiration comes from merely accomplishing the goal of growing his business step by step. Accomplishing his short term, medium term and long-term goals is what keeps him intrinsically motivated as accomplishing these goals is a reward for him and his  deceased dad as he likes the imagination of making him proud. 

Chambers also has plans to grow Courier Jamaica into a renowned business in this industry both locally and internationally as within the next ten years he wishes to see his business on the international market.

“My motivational words to budding entrepreneurs is to always be your biggest fan. Even when those around you are expressing doubt, never give up. You can start with small goals and as you accomplish them, the sense of accomplishment will help to motivate you to accomplish the bigger ones, keep pushing.” 

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