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Little, but Wise

Little, but Wise
Administrators, workers, students, and members alike gathered together last Saturday for the grand celebration of NCU’s 100th year as an institution in Mandeville, Manchester.
Guest speaker and President of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), Pastor Peter Kerr, spoke under the topic “Little, But Wise!” In his opening remarks, he seemed excited as he reminisced on his days at the West Indies College, now known as The Northern Caribbean University- highlighting the many things that this noble institution was able to achieve over the years.
The basis of his sermon came from the book of Proverbs, which talks about wisdom. The main scripture, Proverbs 30: 24-28 was used to illustrate some of what is to be done as people of God and as a university to help it get to where God wants it to be. Kerr stated that wisdom can be learned from four creatures in Proverbs chapter 30.
The first creature is the Ant. According to Kerr, this creature has a vision of preparation. They have an “If you eat everything you reap in the summer, you will die in the winter” mindset that we as Christians should adopt. Ants work hard, not just for themselves, but for the colony. Pastor Kerr then went on to say that God’s children should be constantly busy. Not busy with the things of this world, but busy working to win souls in preparation for the second coming of Christ.
The second creature; the Coney, uses rocks to hide from the enemy. These Kerr says have a vision of protection. He then went on to say that Christians should hide in Jesus, the rock of ages. That they should go to Him for protection from the evil forces that want to see the destruction of His people. If not, when the struggles of life and temptations come, they will fall.
The Locusts is the third creature Kerr says that we as Christians should learn from. He said that these insects have no king, but they move together. “They have a vision of cooperation, unity, and collaboration,” all attributes of success. If God’s people work together, they would be able to achieve any goal that has been set.
The final creature that was mentioned is the spider. This creature Kerr states has a vision of determination. (Forgot the story about the spider but adding a summery before this sentence would be great) Like a spider, God’s people should actively seek Him. They should be determined to build a better relationship with Him by spending time alone with Him, by actively participating in the work of the church and by being a beacon of light for others to see.
Pastor Peter Kerr left a word of encouragement with the members of the audience as he prepared to take his seat. He reminded them of the promises God made to those who keep their faith and trust in Him. He also advised the audience to be wise because the wise will allow God to enter into their lives and allow Him to do whatever He has planned for their lives.

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