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| By O’Jay Cole, Journalist

Customer (left) posing with Iesha Joseph owner of Sunstylez (right) at the Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) Entrepreneurship Day (Photo: Jevon Thomas)

Iesha Joseph is a 2nd student of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) in the Department of Teacher Education. She is the owner of “Sunstylez” a business born out of her interest for creating modest yet fashionable clothing. Joseph’s quest to grow her business is not an easy one as she’s tasked with keeping stellar grades and ensuring there are items in stock for her clientele. To ensure she stays afloat and not burn out she establishes a routine that enables her to function; “I cut the night before, take breaks during sewing, there’s always water and background music,” said Joseph. During these sessions, she’s extremely focused and tries her absolute best to minimize distractions.

Joseph’s story is one of triumph and a true testament of the popular saying:  “When life gives you lemons you turn them into lemonade”. In 2017 Joseph dropped out of university. During that period of being out of school, she gathered her lemons and gave them a squeeze. “When I dropped out of school, I had more time to sew, I tried different items and developed my skills,” said Joseph. Instead of throwing in the towel she made the best of an unfortunate situation and honed her skills.

Small businesses especially when new, face numerous challenges, for Sunstylez it’s no different, Joseph expressed that her products being handmade encounters some criticism and the cost for marketing is a major financial challenge. Though there are challenges, Joseph wouldn’t trade in her business for the world for it has rewarded her with discipline and has made her more confident in her creative abilities.  In five (5) years she hopes her business will be a household name with an established clientele beyond the walls of Northern Caribbean University.

Among her handiwork are tote sets, dresses, flair skirts, pouches, cross bags, bow ties and travel bags. Her work was recently displayed at the Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) Entrepreneurship Day held on February 11, 2020. When asked what her advice would be to students who desire to start a business she said: “Start with what you have and where you are, stay motivated and you’ll get there”. As we celebrate our gifted students among us under the title “Centennial Champions” Iesha Joseph now joins this group of incredible young people who are defying odds, pushing boundaries, helping others and laying the foundation for a Jamaica of astounding young professionals.

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