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Jovial Balance – A Short Focus On Shadé Allen

Jovial Balance – A Short Focus On Shadé Allen

|By Quinell Ming, Journalist

As students, we sometimes tend to overlook the importance of trying to achieve a balance of academic and extra-curricular activities. We tend to drown ourselves in work and then desperately snatch at a leisure opportunity so that we can relieve some of the stresses we carry.

This week’s feature article highlights one of Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) most dynamic, fun loving and intelligent students, Shadé Allen. This dynamic young woman has the ability to brighten the mood of any environment she’s placed in. However, though she is a frolicsome individual, Shadé approaches any given task with a great level of seriousness and dedication.

She was born in the parish of St. Mary but was raised as a Kingstonian after she migrated to Windward Road, Kingston at the tender age of 4. She commenced her educational journey at the New Providence Primary School after which, she attended the Kingsway High School; where she served as the Deputy Head Girl and graduated as the Valedictorian of her graduating class.

In 2016, at her high school graduation, Shadé received the “Top Girl” scholarship from NCU where she’s currently pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in Social Work. To this day, Allen remains satisfied with her choice of NCU as her destination for tertiary education. She says that the university has played a significant role in her personal development. She said, “I Love NCU, it built my character and NCU helped me with personal development; I’m happy I made the choice.” She added that she is happy with the people she has met and the friends who ultimately became family.

Over time, Shadé has developed into a fine example for other students to follow. She’s a prime example of how one can be involved in extra-curricular activities while successfully balancing her academic pursuits. Her inventory of non-scholarly endeavours includes; sports (netball and track and field), drama, and serving in the 2018-2019 United Student Movement regime as the Female Sports Director.

Though a very active student, she still maintains a favourable G.P.A. This is because she carefully prioritises her engagements. She says, “My first responsibility is getting those grades and learning all I can from my classes. Secondly, develop a schedule, I try my best to plan what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Prioritise your activities so you don’t leave anything important for last. Thirdly, I am very picky about extracurricular activities, I do not join every club or organization, I choose carefully. Lastly, I try my best to balance studying with leadership and other extracurricular activities. While getting an A or B on an exam is a great goal, I try not to overdo it at times.”

All in all, as Shade’ approaches graduation, she continues to be the energetic, fun-loving and dedicated student that stands as an example to other students.

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