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| By O’Jay Cole, Journalist

“I have the heart to see people flourish and live a life of happiness filled with purpose and fulfilment”: This is the sentiment of Jotham Omoregie a final year Medical Technology student of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU). Initially, he desired to study Biological Science but found himself better suited for Medical Technology after doing some research into the discipline. “After doing a bit more reading into Medical Technology it captivated me, so I went ahead and tried it and I’ve enjoyed it ever since,” said Jotham.

He considers himself a leader who encourages positivity and he takes a humble approach to leadership and believes one must be able to be led, to then lead others. “I believe that to lead you, first of all, had to know how to follow and I’ve observed leaders in my life such as my Pastor, Teachers and parents”. By having a seat at the table of these leaders in his life Jotham has drawn inspiration. In his first two years of NCU, he was the class representative for his cohort, with this role he became the voice of his peers. “I was better able to interact with my batch mates and be a voice to any of their concerns. It meant a lot to me because I was able to advocate for those who were afraid to speak up for themselves” said Jotham.

Jotham Omoregie’s service goes beyond the walls of NCU as he sports his heart of gold on his sleeve. He is a member of G2K Manchester; an initiative he said does mostly community projects to positively impact the lives of those in Manchester. “We have visited the elderly home to comb the hair of the ladies, play games with them and have devotion,” he said. He is also involved in G2K’s Labour Day projects which have impacted schools in Christiana.  Helping people is Jotham’s deepest passion as he loves to see when people thrive.

His involvement with the AXM Charity Foundation conducts an annual Christmas and back to school treats in the community of Porus. His work with the Advocate for Change Jamaica and the Youth Arm of the Manchester Peace Coalition also allows him to expand his philanthropic reach and impact the lives of people positively. Jotham is passionate about serving his church and as such he is often referred to as the “church boy”. He serves in the capacity of Christian Arts Director at his church; “I and a team make the services more interactive so when individuals come, they can be truly transformed from the start to the end of the service”. It seems having a heart of service runs in the family as each year his family donates clothes and food items to those who he says, “are in dire need of it”. “No matter how little you have there is always someone that can be blessed from what you have to share,” said Jotham.

Congratulations are in order as he recently conquered his Language and Content Exit Examination. His mantra: “Wake up each day ready to conquer and make a difference” represents what he stands for as a leader who serves others. He leaves this message to future Medical Technology students: “listen guys unno haffi be focused because MED Tech even though enjoyable it can be difficult and most y’all gotta walk side by side with Jesus because come some days it will really have you questioning if this is really your desired profession”. A sound word from the man with a heart of service and a lover of people, ladies and gentlemen, Jotham Omoregie, a young man with a heart of service.



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