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If You are Done, Be Done – USM Member Breaks Silence on Alumni Criticisms

If You are Done, Be Done – USM Member Breaks Silence on Alumni Criticisms

By: Patrina Stewart| USM Administrative Assistant 2020-2021

There is an evident trend, that it is during the election period that the voices of our students and USM Alumni are echoed most. While I can understand that interrogating USM candidates is one of the most effective ways of screening the candidates to determine their competence, it is quite distasteful when direct attempts are made to sabotage and obstruct the campaign of persons vying for an office.

There are a number of responsibilities that comes in the job description of a leader, and one of the most important is the ability to remain professional at all times despite their personal biases. I can never fathom how USM alumni who know the intricate parts of the Movement, and the various limitations that it is faced with, publicly “pummels” the Movement, when they themselves were not able to surmount the said challenges of the various offices in which they served.

It is rather baffling, and I just cannot fathom the motives behind these direct attempts to portrait the Movement negatively to students. If as an alumnus you have a serious concern, then the moral, biblical, and professional thing to do, is to first relate that concern to the person or entity that is directly involved (in this case the USM). Too frequently we trash our own people before attempting to give suggestions and offer guidance. I wish and pray that those who will be elected to serve in the 2021-2022 USM Regime, will foster good relationships with those who have served before them, and offer guidance to those who will serve after them.

Lastly, I urge students to remember that the number one responsibility of the USM is to advocate for you (students) but this advocacy can only be achieved if you make your concerns known. So, let your voices be heard all year round, so in the end, you can hold your leaders accountable. I encourage you even in this election period to analyse the facts, ignore the opinions and decide for yourself, the leader you ant to serve you. Don’t let USM alumni, and past students decide for you, the leaders you select will be your representation; they decided theirs, now its time for you to decide yours.

The views expressed in this article are solely the writer’s and not of the Hilltop Trumpet.

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