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I Am Not Accepting Delinquency & Mediocrity

I Am Not Accepting Delinquency & Mediocrity

By Quinell Ming

Incoming President of Northern Caribbean Universities United Student Movement says that he will not be tolerating delinquency and mediocrity from his council members.

The Handing Over Ceremony of the United Student Movement was held today, April 24 in the Field View Conference Room at the Northern Caribbean University.

It was in Allen’s keynote address that he mentioned his intolerance for mediocre performance and delinquency also hinting to the USM’s constitutional mandate of exceptional performance in the area of student leadership from the government’s members.

“Well, the governing document of the Movement states emphatically that mediocrity is a no-no. So once these are detected, there are measures in place for the treatment of these issues by the Parliamentarian along with the President.” He said.

When asked on how he will ensure consistent great performances from his council, Allen said that a thorough outline of expectations will be provided in the initial stages of their term. In addition, there will be monthly evaluations of each sector in the Movement.

However, despite his seemingly strong stance against low performance, the incoming President says that he is comfortable with his regime and that he believes they will work well together – despite the differences in personalities, temperaments and work attitudes.

Allen said that cooperation will arrive with the understanding that the student’s welfare takes priority. “At the end of the day, it is the students’ interest that takes priority and once we have a clear cut and the way forward in our minds, we are going to work together,” Allen said.

Speaking on the current USM President, Onyeka Nevins, Allen said that there are aspects of his leadership skill set that are admirable and that he will mirror. He said that it is a matter of utilizing aspects of his leadership skillset such as his style of negotiation which can be used in presenting the demands of the students in an aforethought manner to the administration.”

Allen and his incoming regime will officially assume their various positions as the United Student Movement Executive on August 1, 2019.

The USM is the governing student body of the Northern Caribbean University. It exists to serve student interests, advocate on their behalf and promote spiritual, social and academic life of students.


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