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Hill Top Hotel and Conference Room

Hill Top Hotel and Conference Room

Whoever you are! Wherever you are! Hilltop Hotel and Conference Room is both affordable and convenient. Hilltop Hotel nestled on the hills of Mandeville Rd, Mandeville, Jamaica (East Campus of NCU) is for you. This luxurious bed and breakfast gives you the attention you need.

John Rohn articulates that, “one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone, is the gift of attention.” How much attention do you really give yourself?

Think about it.

From your feet hits the floor in the morning, to the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school or work, to running home in the evening and falling in your bed exhausted at night. Then the cycle starts all over again. If that’s your reality then, it is time for a break.

An affordable break. One that won’t cause your pockets to groan or cause sweat beads to form. Or maybe you need a convenient break, one that is near to work, or easily fulfills the motive of visiting your Alma mater, that school on the hill Northern Caribbean University. Mixing business with pleasure “mmhmm”, nice.



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