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‘Ghost’ spotted at Jamaica Hall- Cedar Hall Men ‘In on it’

‘Ghost’ spotted at Jamaica Hall- Cedar Hall Men ‘In on it’

Residents from Jamaica Hall at midnight [Sunday, October 18, 2020] reported spotting what appeared to be a figure dressed in a white sheet in the dorm’s parking lot.

Mandeville, Jamaica- Residents at the Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) female dormitory, Jamaica Hall, were in a frenzy at midnight this morning when a figure dressed in what appeared to be a white sheet was spotted in the dorm’s parking lot.

In a video being circulated by some dorm residents, the ‘figure in white’ was seen followed by an alarming sound, from the famous horror movie, The Purge.

In the 42 seconds video captured by a dorm resident; the figure appears to be standing in an upright position, after which it slowly kneels to the ground followed by the sound of an alarming bell. 

The video ends with the laughing and screaming.

A group of enthusiastic freshmen students who captured the occurrence told the Hilltop Trumpet that at first, they were frightened because they were oblivious to what was happening, but eventually, it became amusing.

“We were all talking and my roommate was standing at the window and then she said, ‘wah gwan out deh so’ we look out there and we saw somebody stand up inna wah white curtain… sheet something… it scared the livin’ life outta a mi, but it did funny,” recalled one of the now excited girls.

Her roommate, also a freshman, excitedly chimed in that after the incident they saw a group of men, who they estimated to be around 30, flee the scene.

“The guy in the white went on his knee and started to ring a bell and then the whole a dem run-out and a scream and then they saw the Dean and then they ran off… like 30 a dem, a did nuff them inna black… them did stand up under café basement,” she explained.

Meanwhile, resident of Cedar Hall, the male dormitory, and President of the Excelsior Club, Quinell Ming says they were responsible for the scary midnight visit.

“We pranked them and we’ll do it again”

He says it was done in an effort to build comradeship amongst themselves and to add some fun to the dorm life experience.

While some found it funny, others were not amused and thought the incident was genuinely disturbing.

One Senior Resident Assistant at Jamaica Hall, who asked not be named, said she’s very displeased.

“It was bit scary and disturbing and as a Christian institution, who doesn’t celebrate Halloween, they shouldn’t have done something like that,” she argued.

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