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|Quinel Ming

MANDEVILLE, ncu- Jaron Lanier, an American computer philosophy writer and composer of classical music says, “If there’s any object in human experience that’s a precedent for what a computer should be like, it’s a musical instrument: a device where you can explore a huge range of possibilities through an
interface that connects your mind and your body, allowing you to be emotionally authentic and expressive.”

One of the pillars of music’s power is its diversity; shown through the wide array of musical
instruments that exists in the global orchestra. The saxophone is one of the most popular and most
loved woodwind instruments out of all the other musical instruments.

Our student feature this week is focused on 22-year-old saxophonist, Ge’don Gray. Currently, he is
one of Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) media and communication students, a budding
musician, and skilled at manoeuvring the saxophone. He hails from the community of Norwood in
Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica.

On campus, Gray has is known as one of the most talented musicians around and is regularly
appointed to showcasing his skill on the various stages of events executed by various sectors of NCU.

Ge’don says he was introduced to the saxophone in the year 2010 through the band at his home
church, the Norwood Seventh-day Adventist church. Since then, this talented young man has
matriculated into a creative and soulful saxophonist who has impacted many with his music.

His dedication to this beautiful instrument was sparked out of the desire to be different that the
other musicians he was exposed to at a young age. He said that he chose the saxophone because he
didn’t want to play any common instrument. However, with no sign of slowing down his progression
in the music industry, Ge’don says that he hopes to tour the Caribbean and the wider world with
great musicians. Also, apart from establishing himself as a saxophonist, his dream is to become a
producer of music and television.

To any young person hoping to learn to play the saxophone or any other instrument, Ge’don is
encouraging you to develop a strong focus and love for the instrument and, of course, engage
yourself in regular practice sessions. Adhering to this simple encouragement will allow you to grow
into a very proficient musician.

Currently at NCU, this young ‘yardie’ is a budding audio engineer who is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts
degree in Media and Communication.


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