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Photo taken by: Annikia Drummond From Left: Britney-Ann Marsh, Carlette Gooden, Akeelia Hamilton Shannecka Brown on the stool and Nalise Smith.

|Carlette Gooden

MONTEGO BAY, NCU- The Montego Bay Campus freshers are buzzing, Aqua-venture is in the air and we can’t wait to experience it. The photos from last year, has been circulating, igniting the flame of excitement and longing within these fresher.

The event, that will take place on the 31st of October at the Mandeville Campus, is usually well supported and anticipated. The USM executive body at the Montego Bay Campus fully promotes this event, urging everyone to come out and support.

The event which begins at 7 pm, promises a night of fun, adventure, and lots of prizes to be won. The attractions include: Water Slide, Water Pool, Dunk Tank and a Foam Pit.

The best designed colour splash t-shirt, will win a prize and refreshments will be on sale. This event, is in aid, of a scholarship the USM department wishes to present to a very hardworking and deserving student. The idea of partaking in such an event, is really heartwarming, as this provides the opportunity for a student to complete his/her studies.

“Shadow yuh brakes, hol’ yuh position, and come”, is the catch phrase for this year. I implore all students, from every campus to put out the extra effort to promote and support.
“Come and join in the fun”!










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