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Evangelism Weekend Kicks Off

Evangelism Weekend Kicks Off

The Spring 2019 Evangelism Weekend commenced last night (January 25) with an invigorating message from two powerful speakers. 

The small congregation that gathered in the Gymnatorium of the Northern Caribbean University, was spiritually impacted as they sat and listened to two vibrant students of NCU’s School of Religion and Theology minister in a session of team preaching – which saw the two men preaching from the same script.

One congregant said, “to see two persons presenting at the same time brought a refreshing atmosphere as it was a different style of preaching to what we are accustomed to”

The pastors in training, Elcando Citeron and Emellio Morris spoke on the topic “Keep The Blinders On”. Centring the message on Matthew chapter 14 and the story of Jesus and Peter his disciple walking on water, the two encouraged the congregants to have faith and to keep their eyes focused on Jesus – as he is the one that can solve all of their troubles.

Worshipers will congregate today (January 26), again in the university’s gymnatorium as the second session of Evangelism Weekend unfolds. This semesterly 4-day series continues throughout the weekend and climaxes on the afternoon of Monday, January 28 during NCU’s chapel session.

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