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Does my Candidate have the Basic Leadership Skills?

Does my Candidate have the Basic Leadership Skills?

By: Nicordo Wilson| EPOC Advisor

There have been a few twists and turns in the 2021 USM period on the main campus. The first debate series has separated the wheat from the tares. But how many individuals can see through the fluff of the arguments presented? Will popularity or false promises land anyone in an office? Only time will tell. As things continue, there is the second and final debate series coming up and a number of individuals are preparing themselves for this final showdown. 

But even as the candidates prepare, there are several questions which the thirteen applicants should be asking themselves. Why have I applied to this office?  Am I prepared for this? Do I understand the roles and responsibilities of my office? Have I acquired enough leadership experience to serve at this level?  I would like to believe that the candidates have thought about these questions. More importantly, I want to believe that the electorate has been analyzing the manifestos and presentation of each candidate. Gone are the days when people voted for a sound policy or a leader; today, most individuals vote based on friendship or popularity. 

Anyone who is elected to serve in the USM Council has been given a rare opportunity to serve as an advocate on your behalf. What are some characteristics that you should look for in your student government representative? I wish to share five qualities the students should look for in their future president and vice-presidents.

  • Confidence

Do not vote for someone who is loud and arrogant, this is a bad mix for any leader. You need someone who can inspire you to take on the challenges of the new school year.

  • Humility

The Bible warns us to be careful of anyone who is proud, pride and student government cannot work. Be willing to work with a team and own up to your mistakes. Learn from them and strive to be different.

  • Resilience

Things will not always go the way you expected them to, there are many individuals who will criticize you. Can you handle criticism well? Or will you fall under the pressure of criticism? Select someone who knows how to separate their emotions from the pressure of student leadership.  

  • Communication Skills

Proper communication is effective in any student government. If you are unable to connect with: fellow students, faculty, staff and administration, USM is not for you!!! You need to look for a leader who is able to deal with various personalities, values opinions and input of others as well as listen. 

  • Organizational Skills

Of the skills listed above, organizational skills are most important. Organizational skills include planning, time-management, and the ability to execute. Your president and vice-presidential candidates should have all these skills in order for them to serve you well.     

Any candidate who lacks the main skills necessary for survival in student government should not be elected by you. When they fail, you fail as well…. because you elected them in the first place.

The views expressed in this article are solely the writer’s and not of the Hilltop Trumpet.

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