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Director of EPCA Launches Mentorship Program

Director of EPCA Launches Mentorship Program

United Student Movement Director of Elections, Policies and Constitutional Affairs 2020-2021, Donique Marriott.

By: Javanique Darby

Mandeville, Jamaica- The United Student Movement’s (USM) Office of Elections, Policies and Constitutional Affair (EPCA) is set to launch a mentorship program geared at training students on how to master parliamentary procedures.

The announcement was made by EPCA Director, Donique Marriott during a recent interview with the Hilltop Trumpet.

According to Marriott the program will officially commence on October 1, 2020, and will be open to all students who attend the Northern Caribbean University (NCU).

“This initiative came about in an attempt to get more students involved in becoming student leaders, especially in the capacity as the Director of Elections. I have realised through my appointment that there is a struggle in finding competent persons to take up these responsibilities that the director has.”

She went on further to state that she wants to eliminate the present struggle and provide students with an opportunity to know what the position entails and to get exposure re the position so that the students can be fully prepared if they are to receive that position.

To join the program students must be a registered full-time student, completed one year at NCU, have good citizenship and a Grade Point Average (G.P.A) of 2.5 and above.

Marriott noted that in these training sessions, students will be exposed to documents that may benefit a Director of Elections like the USM Constitution, Roberts Rule of Order, just to name a few.

She added that meetings will be held where past Directors such as Mickel Allen, Nicordo Wilson and Kavion Allen, will be sharing their experiences with the prospects. These prospective students will also attend one or two senate and or parliamentary meetings.

The team for this initiative includes the past directors and the USM President, Ruel Haye, the executive body of the USM and the Associate Justices from the extension campuses.

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