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Did Someone Say Food?

Did Someone Say Food?

Hey there! How are you? Hopefully your answer was a positive one, and if it wasn’t, and you’re bummed about something, I send you warm hugs (*hugs*). Let’s talk about food shall we?

Whenever someone mentions food and/ or healthy eating, I fight the urge to groan, heaving a deep sigh while doing a mental check of the contents of my cupboard instead. I think it’s prettysafe to say that I’m roughly 50% Ramen at this point in the semester (Naruto approves). You see, I’m one of many students who find it hard to balance their credit load with trying to have a wholistic and ‘normal’ social life.

The internet is chock full of people posting pictures of their ‘healthy lives’, and many a time we get a burst of inspiration to change our lives after seeing these pictures. We say we’re determined to workout at least 3 times a week, drink more water, eat more organic foods, and just LIVE. Then reality sets in. The Finance department e-mails you a reminder that you’re overdue on tuitionpayments, your rent is due in 5 days, your cupboards are empty, you need a new pair of shoes, and your major source of funds, your parents, are out of cash. How on earth are you going to maintain your healthy lifestyle now? My advice to you is simple, eat breakfast.


I’m pretty sure you reread that last sentence and probably questioned m sanity, but I’m absolutely serious. Breakfast is often described as being the most important meal of the day. Never underestimate the power of a balanced breakfast. Don’t worry about not having all the fancy ingredients you see on the internet. Make a budget (we’ll talk more about this in another article) so you will have an estimate of how much money you have to spend. If you’re not someone who doesn’t usually have breakfast, I advise you to start with a  light breakfast and work your way up to a heavier breakfast (if you feel comfortable with a heavy breakfast) as the days progress, for example, you can go from having a cup of tea to having a cup of tea along with a slice of toast, to having a cup of tea along with toast and scrambled eggs.


Worried about your weight?Students who eat a balanced breakfast stand a better chance at maintaining their weight as skipping a meal can mean overeating later on in the day.


Gabrielle Thompson

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