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Photo Credit- Bianca Williams 

Dontae Matthews; DCS student makes presentation to Ms. Cody Johnson


Sandray Miller
Hilltop Trumpet Journalist/Photographer
Communication Studies Major, Journalism Emphasis

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” – Sherry Anderson

KINGSTON, NCU- The Department of Communication Studies hosted it’s  forum entitled the ‘Importance of  Volunteerism’ at the Eastern Regional Campus (Kingston).

The planning was spearheaded by Department of Communication Studies (DCS) Chair, Noreen Daley who said that “The forum was geared towards encouraging students to volunteer as volunteerism is not just giving money but giving of your time”  said Daley.

Two presenters were identified to speak to the group, namely: Communication Coordinator in the Ministry Economic Growth and Job Creation, Abi-Gaye Smythe and Communications Manager at the Ministry Of Education Youth and Information, Region 6, Cody Johnson.

Smythe lamented that volunteerism is important and that all persons should strive to be involved. Smythe who has been volunteering for over 4 years said that students should volunteer because; it gives a heightened sense of responsibility before they go off into the real world.

Echoing similar sentiments was Johnson, who has been volunteering for of 7 years. Johnsons said that students should become involved in volunteerism because “it allows you contribute to your country, it develops skills, it makes you marketable and it is also a good medium networking.” said Johnson. She added that persons who aren’t involved in volunteerism should  get involved for at the end of the day they will benefit from it.

DCS student, Dontae Matthews who was an attendee at the forum said that the forum encouraged him to do more volunteering and learn new things. He went on to further say “sometimes, people think that only a degree and other qualifications are needed however, from the presentations it was shown that volunteerism is of value when acquiring a job.” said Matthews.

At the end, attendees walked away encouraged and inspired to volunteer. DCS Chair Daley, ensures that her students are always well equipped with knowledge that goes beyond the realms of a classroom. hence, forums, seminars, workshops and other learning activities and opportunities are always provided by the department to enhance the all-round development of the students of DCS.


Picture 1: Burgundy Jacket Holde; Chantelle Rochester makes presentation to Ms. Abi-Gay Smythe
Picture 2: Dontae Matthews; DCS student makes presentation to Ms. Cody Johnson
Picture 3: Sandray Miller; Hilltop Trumpet Journalist and DCS Student interviews DCS Chair Ms. Noreen Daley

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