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Photo: DCS student and JNN intern Amoy Harriott preparing for a broadcast from the JNN Newsroom.

Photo Credit: Contributed

By: Trisanya Drummond 

“Exceeding expectations.” That is the word from the Jamaica News Network (JNN) regarding Department of Communication Studies (DCS) student, Amoy Harriott, as she interns for Frontline News.

JNN reporter/producer, Oluwafunke Bayeshea, praised the 21-year-old Harriott for her remarkable talent and innovative skills which left an indelible mark at JNN and on their editorial team. 

“For the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of supervising Amoy. She has been a perfect fit for our team.  So far, Amoy has been reading Frontline Business which is very impressive- many say she’s a natural. She is innovative, a fast learner, intelligent and very teachable,” she said.

JNN reporter/producer and former DCS alumnus, Oshane Masters, said that Harriott proved to be an exceptional intern to work with, as her skills and competencies made her an asset within a week of interning.

“Amoy has been exceptional to work with as an intern… She grasped the concepts of what we (JNN) do as a Cable News Network. Additionally, she proved to be an asset in that she was able to be an on air presenter for Frontline Business- one of the Network’s premier segments in our news package,” he said.

For Harriott, what was an unexpected phone call, completely pivoted her professional career as a young budding journalist.

“I was at work one day and I got a call from our department chair, Ms. Noreen Daley. She said that there’s an internship opportunity that came up and she asked if I was interested, although the internship would start in just a few days,” she said.

Harriott said she gladly accepted the internship opportunity, even though she did not know what her next move would be.

Though intimidated by her decision, Harriott was excited and determined to make the best of the opportunity she received. 

“I was very intimidated. I was amongst the greats and I was worried if I actually had what it took to be there. I was intimidated but excited- intimidated but ready- rearing, and determined to make something,” she said.  

Harriott started her internship along with two other DCS interns: Kemar Baker and Fabian Ledgister, who also exceeded expectations with their innovative skills and impressed many with their talents on the  JNN editorial team.

Bayeshea said persons on the team are amazed with their talent and hard work.

“All three have been a perfect fit for our team. I’ve always heard that the DCS students in Mandeville are the best and I think that Amoy, Fabian and Kemar live up to that standard,” she said. 

Photo: From left: Fabian Ledgister, Amoy Harriott, Kemar Baker. 

Photo Source: Contributed

Harriott said the experience has been rewarding, as she is very passionate about media and even aspires to venture outside of regional borders to CNN, where she wants to work as a journalist.

“I want to spread my wings and take things internationally. I’ve seen what CNN does, and I love it and I would love working there,” she said.

Harriott is inspired by her mother Sophia, who she points out has persevered and navigated through life despite many setbacks.

“Her strength is what motivates me the most- the way she pushes through despite challenges, inspires me and I’m happy for her and what she is doing,” she said.

Harriott charges others to explore beyond their limits, set goals and to be open to all opportunities as they can be door opening and life changing experiences that reveal a better version of themselves. 

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