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DCS Chair pleased with success of virtual staging of Affirmation Ceremony

DCS Chair pleased with success of virtual staging of Affirmation Ceremony

Former Burgundy Jacket Holder, Janiel Salmon (left) and Platinum Honoree, Jhanielle Powell (right) smile for a photograph while hosting the Department of Communications Studies Affirmation Ceremony on Sunday, September 13, 2020, at the university’s main chapel.

Photo Credit: Department of Communication Studies

By Katrich Walker|Journalism Major

Mandeville, Jamaica- The Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) Department of Communication Studies (DCS), for the first time staged its Virtual Affirmation Ceremony which garnered an approximate of over a thousand viewers on its social media platforms.

The yearly event was hosted virtually on Sunday, September 13, 2020, in accordance with the government’s coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines.

Chief Coordinator and Chair of DCS, Noreen Daley shared that she was pleased with the virtual turnout of the event.

“The fact that I have seen on just one of our social media platforms that the reach was over a thousand, I am more than pleased and the fact that it is there, people can actually watch it on youtube so we can’t quantify. So I’m actually pleased and I think it actually has a wider reach than if it is that we actually had a physical event.”

The  Associate Professor noted that there were challenges with planning the event, however, the coordinators managed to work around them as a team, and though the ceremony started a little late, it stayed within the time allotted.

Meanwhile, the newly appointed Female Burgundy Jacket Holder,  Suzell Wray said considering the nature of the event, it was very well planned.

“The event received a lot of support from both past and current students who were just commenting throughout the program on the youtube live chat. I also noticed that students from across the different disciplines also tuned in to support the students who were being affirmed.”

As Burgundy Jacket Holder, Wray plans to make use of the virtual space by taking on a tutoring program started by her predecessors and moving it online. She also plans on building brand DCS through both local and international partnerships that could benefit students enrolled in the department. 

The Affirmation Ceremony was geared at recognizing students in the Department who excelled academically as well as leaders and faculty members. Due to the stipulations by the government of Jamaica, the event had no physical audience and only comprised the planning committee and technical crew members on location. 

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