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Daylight Robberies On the Rise| Mandeville Police Urges NCU Students to be Vigilant

Daylight Robberies On the Rise| Mandeville Police Urges NCU Students to be Vigilant

By: Micaiah Morgan

Manchester, Jamaica- Deputy Superintendent of the Manchester Police Division, Elsa Smith,  is urging students of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) to be cautious amid the recent increase in daylight robberies due to the curfew measures.

She gave the plea during an interview with the Trumpet on Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

“This increase in daylight robberies is due to the fact that since the curfew hours have changed these hoodlums make every effort to commit these illegal activities before the curfew commences,” Smith stated. 

NCU students are common targets of robbery within the Mandeville vicinity, which is of concern to law enforcers, as they try to contain crime within the parish. 

In an effort for students to lessen their chances of becoming victims of robbery, the Superintendent believes students must be more responsible and vigilant wherever they go as robberies are not confined to any specific location.

“Students will need to do target hardening around themselves. This includes making every effort not to carry too many valuables on them as they go about their daily activities. They should traverse lonely thoroughfares in groups,” she stated.   

Travelling with valuables or large amounts of cash puts anyone at risk of being targeted by robbers; hence, the Superintendent is urging students to be careful when travelling with funds.

“When doing financial transactions especially those involving large sums seek the assistance of the police or someone you are comfortable with to support you. Take all the necessary precaution when commuting to secure valuables you are taking with you” she said. 

When compared to last year’s statistics, she said there has been an increase, resulting in a total of twenty-nine robberies in the parish since this month. 

“As of April 12 2021, there have been a total of 29 robberies in Manchester when compared to the corresponding period in 2020 where there were 26 robberies. This signifies an increase of 5 or 22%. 

Mandeville has impacted the crime statistics the greatest where robbery is concerned as a total of 16 of the 29 incidents occurred in Mandeville,” she noted. 

Though statistics have shown an increase in robberies, Deputy Superintendent Smith mentioned that there was a decrease in these crimes earlier this year. 

“Earlier in the year about week 9, there was a spike; however, this has gradually decreased due to the fact that some of the persons committing these crimes were held and taken into custody. The days highly impacted by these crimes are Saturdays, Mondays and Tuesdays followed by Fridays and Sundays. Wednesdays and Thursdays are least impacted,” she said. 

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