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Danae’s “NuLook”: Centennial Champion

Danae’s “NuLook”: Centennial Champion

|By O’Jay Cole, Journalist

Dane Hill at the “Women of the Future” photoshoot at Northern Caribbean University (NCU) (Photo Renard Brown)

Acne free students on campus will probably tell you that they achieved their new look with Danae’s NuLook Organics. Danae Hill is a fourth-year Biological Science student in The College of Natural and Applied Sciences Allied Health and Nursing at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU). Her business NuLook Organics is a business that specializes in natural hair and skin care products. “NuLook Organics’ products are handmade with love, care and are free of harmful chemicals,” said Danae. She hopes in the future her business will evolve into more than just hair and skincare but offer hair, face and body care services leaving customers feeling refreshed and revived.

Managing a business and school can be challenging however, Danae uses time management to remedy this circumstance. “It gets really hectic at times, I’m the President of two clubs and an executive member of another, time management is extremely vital and is something that I’m still working and improving on every day,” said Danae. She added that quitting is not an option in her eyes, and she can only keep moving forward.

Danae’s cosmetic formation is a self-taught skill which she has been practising and working to perfect through trial and error for months which has shown promising results. She is passionate about her business and the benefits it offers; “my passion came from within, simply just wanting to take a safer route when it comes to my hair and skin routine” said Danae. Her skill for creating natural products got its jump-start after an Organic Chemistry lab in class focusing on extracting natural oils from nuts. “It got me so really excited and inspired me to purchase my first oil expeller machine which I love so much,” said Danae.

When she’s not busy creating serums to give her customers a new look she’s balancing being the President of Philmelodia, a club to which all-female dorm residents belong, President of the Pastor’s Kids Club and  Director of Projects and Special Initiatives for the Northern Caribbean University Science Student’s Association  (NCUSSA).  Her discipline and excellent work ethic have afforded her a placement on the list of Magna Cum laude awardees in 2019.  As a student leader Danae shares her approach of how she manages successfully: “My own method of being a successful leader is to connect with each board member on their level, everyone won’t connect on the same level” said Danae.

As a leader she has learnt to appreciate the opinions of others more, she added that her leadership roles have increased her proficiency to be slow to anger. “Being a leader only teaches you, it only breaks you if you let it. “Whenever problems come my way, I instantly say a prayer and leave the rest to God because I know he always has my best interest at heart,” said Danae. It is with this faith and assurance in God that sets her on the trajectory of greatness. Danae plans to start Medical School later this year and when asked what message she would leave with someone who is hesitant towards chasing their dreams she said: “If you can’t stop thinking about it, it’s definitely worth fighting for”. A brilliant outlook for the owner of NuLook Organics, the student leader extraordinaire Danae Hill.

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