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COVID-19 changes causes University students to struggle academically and mentally

COVID-19 changes causes University students to struggle academically and mentally

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Students engaged in community service during Covid-19 to fulfill course requirements.

|By Zasha-kae Dennis Journalism student

Mandeville, ncu– University students across the island have voiced their displeasure with the state of their academics due to the changes that have been made during the months of March and April to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

The notice was sent out by the university presidents when the developments of the virus made it clear that face-to-face classes would be a great danger to everyone’s health. The shift was done abruptly and since then the students have claimed they are feeling less confident with their academics an NCU student said “I don’t have reliable internet or a computer so that makes it difficult for me to carry out online classes and to complete and upload assignments when due.”

Students who have these struggles say they would usually depend on the resources of the university to complete these tasks however with the schools being closed they think they are being left behind where their education in concerned simply because they cannot afford electronics.

Alongside the academic strain the students claim they have not been in the best physical health since the shift to online classes as the lecturers have been increasing he work load a UWI student says “Having the pressure of so many assignments and papers that are due one behind the other has resulted in lack of sleep and headaches and even missing out on meals to complete  assignments to ensure I get the A’s”

This physical strain has made it even more taxing on them to do assignments and have aided in their mental break a UTECH student says “The mental aspect is the toughest part of the ordeal. I have been so worried about changes made to my courses and how I will pass to the point where it has become an unhealthy obsession that is eating away at my mind.”

Tertiary institutions island wide have decided to conduct final examinations online but the challenges students face still remain unaddressed.

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