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Course Evaluations: Your Voice Matters!

Course Evaluations: Your Voice Matters!

By: Naggai Powell

The end of the semester is near. As usual, on the Aeorion system, all students are required to do course evaluations for each course done in the semester. Many students complain about course evaluations because they find them lengthy, bothering, and unnecessary. However, course evaluations are very important to the welfare of all students on campus.

Course Evaluations give students a voice. They are the medium through which The Office of Academic Administration monitors and maintains the academic standard of the University. By effectively and honestly completing their course evaluations, students can help to improve the quality of the courses offered, and by extension, the lecturers.

You, as well as many other students, might be wondering what happens to course evaluations after they are completed. The University sets the first four weeks of each semester (4 days of each module) aside for the analysis of the reports from the course evaluation process. The Office of Academic Administration has established a unit with responsibility for ensuring teaching excellence titled – CO-TEACH. This unit will assess the results and help with the professional development of the facilitators. Our facilitators believe in continuous assessment and look forward to be evaluated as everyone benefits and grows. The Course Evaluation process is not designed to “get rid” of facilitators, but it’s a tool to highlight what went well for you in the class and the areas you are recommending for improvement.

Course Evaluations are very important to the University because it is committed to excellence and to changing lives. As we approach the end of the semester, and you are busy with assignments, examinations, and life the NCU administration will be busy collecting data to make decisions aimed at improving and advancing our mission. As we participate in a value-based process influenced by the life and words of Christ, let’s keep the mission possible. Speak through your honest, fair and responsible evaluation of your facilitators and your classes.

The Office of Academic Administration wants to hear from you because your voice matters!

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