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By| O’Jay Cole, Journalist

(Photo: Terrence Wilson)

The coronavirus is a global phenomenon and has been the trending topic in the media for the past three weeks or more. For clarity, coronaviruses are a type of virus and there are different kinds. COVID-19 is the newly identified type which has caused a recent outbreak of respiratory illness. The first case of COVID-19 was identified in China.

Jamaica’s greatest asset is its people and as such, we take a  look at Jamaican native Tiffany who currently resides in Canada and how she is handling the COVID-19 crisis. Tiffany who is from Montego Bay, St. James now lives in Calgary, Alberta and works as an Administrative Assistant. Like everyone else, she is taking the common approach to safeguarding herself form this virus. “I’m dealing with this as best as I can. Just trying to wash my hands often, avoiding touching my face, wiping down the work and home spaces as often as I can throughout the day” said Tiffany.

In Canada, the government has closed some schools and businesses in some provinces according to Tiffany. Similarly to other territories across the globe, the government encourages everyone to practice proper sanitation and stay away from large gatherings. “I’ve heard even today that the National Hockey league (NHL) has postponed all their games for the season which is a big deal for Canadians” said Tiffany.

Tiffany, who works at a clinic says that the head office has issued questionnaires to clients when they enter the clinic to ensure they are not a risk to others. Like other territories across the world, the Canadian government has also established a hotline where people can call if they suspect that they may have been infected.

“To my family and friends back home I say, educate yourselves about the symptoms of the virus, what to do to prevent it from spreading and what to do in the event you become infected. If you are a little concerned that you may be infected call the hotline provided” said Tiffany. We keep Tiffany and all other Jamaican natives overseas in our thoughts and prayers during this global crisis. In Jamaica, the COVID-19 update courtesy of the Ministry of Health (MOH) dated March 18, 2020, states: “Jamaica records its first death from COVID 19. 15 Confirmed cases of COVID 19 on the island”.

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