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Cleghorne Sends a Message!

Cleghorne Sends a Message!

Northern Caribbean University’s Vice President of Student Services, Dr Newton Cleghorne urges students to take an early focus on their academics for the semester.

The Student Services Vice President sent an early message to the students of Northern Caribbean University over the weekend  (January 25-27) through an article published by the university’s magazine, The Weekender. According to the article, Cleghorne said, “It is time to settle down. The fluff and warm fuzziness of a new semester have worn away”.

He implored students to “dig in” firmly and focus on their academic, social, economic, spiritual and goals – and also to not take their educational opportunities for granted.

This comes with the realisation that 81 per cent of Jamaicans ages 19-24 are without direct access to tertiary education and 85 per cent of the workforce doesn’t have a tertiary degree.

Cleghorne concluded in finally encouraging NCU students to be diligent and persistent in completing all academic projects.

Northern Caribbean University is a private, liberal-arts institution owned and operated by the Jamaica Union Conference and the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists.

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