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|O’Jay Cole

Excitement filled the air as the teams took the stage to deliver their best routines. Unfortunately, there were teams who missed the mark in some respects and fell flat while others dominated! Here is a full breakdown of the Cheerleading Competition at Northern Caribbean University’s Sports Day held at the school’s Gymnatorium.

Team Fletcher made an invaluable effort as they kicked off the competition. This effort would have been a stellar performance if the team’s routine was not categorized by messy transitions and lack of preparedness which showed in the team’s body language and overall presentation. Team Fletcher like other teams incorporated stomping into their routine which all teams failed at, it was out of sync and not executed with precision. The team, however, had one of the best-looking pyramids of the afternoon, good jumps and delivered an overall fair performance.

Beaumont’s theatrics did nothing to enhance their floor routine, poorly executed stunts posed potential injuries. Beaumont’s stunt which included spotters throwing a flyer while attempting to incorporate a jump rope was incredibly reckless and could have caused an injury. It was a lacklustre routine to say the least which ended with another potential injury of a male flyer who landed with a slight mishap. Nevertheless, Beaumont delivered a satisfactory routine.

Team Brodie delivered a superb routine, they looked comfortable, prepared and the uniformity was on point with smooth transitions. The team arguably had the best pyramid of the evening which was mounted properly with great support. The flyers looked great on top of the pyramid, it would have been excellent if they flew and was caught by a spotter, but the routine was clean and certainly one of the best of the afternoon.

Chisholm brought the energy needed to ignite the crowed, their routine which wasn’t as clean as Brodie’s didn’t take away from their astonishing performance as they made up for it with an excellent cheer spirit particularly exhibited by team member Anthonia Atkinson. The team’s male cheerleaders opened with cartwheels and a good dismount. Team Chisholm receives commendations for a stunt with the use of a chair and a flyer. With a stunt that could have gone wrong very quickly it was the highlight of the routine and placed them in a league of their own. Amazing energy, great flyers, supportive spotters and effervescent confidence. Its evident that the best teams were Chisholm and Brodie, it is no surprise that Chisholm took the crown.

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