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Chisholm Clinch Netball Title

Chisholm Clinch Netball Title

The final match of Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) inter-house netball competition, came to a thrilling end as Chisolm defeated Brodie by 1-point to clinch the championship position. 

Passionate netball fans filled NCU’s gymnatorium on January 28, to witness the final games of the 2019 inter-house netball tournament. The first of two matches kicked off at 6 pm with the competitors being the Beaumont and Fletcher houses. This clash would determine the 3rd place winner of the tournament. In the end, Beaumont seemed to be too big of a match for Fletcher as they defeated them 14-10.

Minutes later, the Chisolm and Brodie players engaged in a thrilling battle for first place position. The contest seemed to be a balanced one as both teams shared in controlling the momentum of the match, However, in the final minutes Chisolm edged out Brodie by 1-point ending the match with a score of 14-13.



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