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Brivette Says Restoring Students’ Trust in USM Is Primary Focus If Elected President

Brivette Says Restoring Students’ Trust in USM Is Primary Focus If Elected President

The United Student Movement 2021 Presidential Candidate, Neil Brivette.

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Mandeville, Jamaica- Presidential Candidate in the United Student Movement (USM) 2021 Elections, Neil Brivette says restoring students’ trust in the student government body is one of his primary focus if elected President.

In a recent interview with the Hilltop Trumpet, the Religion and Theology Major shared that he has observed that the relationship between both parties has dwindled.

“Over the years I’ve seen where the relationship is dwindling- maybe because it’s empty promises and lack of trust… So, I have a goal to re-establish that relationship and rebuild that relationship with the students.”

He added that coupled with that renewed relationship he wants to improve student advocacy.

He said he plans to do this differently by ensuring there are constant ‘follow-ups’ when requests are made to the Northern Caribbean University’s Administration.

“I remember when Cedar Hall had a water issue and we had block the roads- that is how something got done- now I’m not promoting blocking roads but there are other things that can be done and peitioned, such as the drainage issue behind Cedar Hall. I’m sure if we got a petitioned signed by 60% of the students who live on that dorm something has to be done.”

The 21-year-old further shared that he has high hopes for an initative he calls a Church Soliciting Fund that would see a church in each conference contributing $1000 to the United Student Movement.

He says the proceeds will be used to buy medical equipment for students.

“The funds will be used to buy sethoscopes and blood pressure machines for beginning nursing students, not only that, the med-tech students are complaining that the microscopes in their lab are limited so it causes a great challenge.”

He added that he has already calculated the costs for these items and shared that the surplus will be used to provide students with grants.”

Brivette also noted that a gospel concert is in the pipeline as well as a drive to monetise the movement’s YouTube Channel.

In the past few days Brivette has received several endorsements from the USM Alumni including, President of the 2010-2011 regime, Daren Murphy, President of the 2018-2019 regime, Oneyka Nevins, Vice-President of Student Services and Social Affairs 2019-2020, Wrenae Hudson.

He has also received endorsments from the Vice-President of Academic Administration 2018-2019, Odane Mighty and Vice-President of Academic Administration 2016-2017, Euzel Parkes.

Students will head to the virtual polls on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

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