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By: Rasheen Nangle

President of the United Student Movement (USM) at Northern Caribbean University (NCU), Neil Brivette, says the regime is working very hard to meet the needs of the students and hopefully, give them the best school experience yet. 

Brivette said if all goes well, the students can anticipate many opportunities from outside the walls of NCU.

“I have been arranging opportunities for the students to be sponsored by outside entities. Some of those donations are very close, so let’s keep our fingers crossed,” he said. 

Vice President (VP) of Spiritual Affairs, Roscene Nangle, also gives assurance that the students can look out for different collaborations with outside entities to enhance the students’ spiritual experience.

“Contacts have been made with various entities- both locally and internationally, to collaborate for a number of events. For one of our major events, USM Chapel Weekend, we’ll be working in partnership with the Oakwood University Council (OUC) from Alabama, and I know our students from both schools will be excited for this event,” she said.

Nangle said despite the current pandemic and the consequent limitations, she wants the students to know that the spiritual affairs sector will utilize all the necessary resources to ensure that the spiritual experience that they have all come to appreciate and benefit from, is maintained and improved upon.

Regarding the enhancement of the students’ academic life, VP of Academics, Mickailia Reid, said the Challenging You is one major event that the students can look forward to.

“This is a live session geared towards uplifting and influencing growth and development of students through their motivation from their peers and/or special guest influencers from different career paths, targeting Healthcare, Business, Creative Arts and Psychology,” she said.

Reid added that the academic sector will also be implementing an improved tutoring programme for students. 

In light of the pandemic where everything is being executed virtually, VP of Student Services and Social Affairs, Ashleigh Cummings, said her sector will do everything in their power to connect more with the students and revive their social life. 

She added that there are many exciting events planned, and one of them is the most anticipated, Cultra Vybz. 

VP of Financial and Planning, Aaliyah McGowan, said the main priority of the finance sector is to educate and build financial awareness among the students. 

“One of our goals is to educate and inform students about the financial markets. To achieve this goal, we will have Financial Fridays where every Friday we will keep students up to date and informed about the Jamaica Stock Market (JSM),” she said. 

McGowan said her sector will also provide the students with financial updates everyday about the foreign exchange market.

The Accounting major added that the finance sector will also have The Student Worker Scholarship which is a financial aid designed to help student workers contribute to their tuition. 

Brivette said he is happy with the progress of the movement so far because his team is driven and dedicated in getting the work done. 

“I am happy with my team. They are all committed members who have the same goal. We are all working together to ensure that the needs of the students are met and that the students have a great time here, so I am very much happy with the progress of the movement,” he said. 

The USM president said the students will see a lot of collaborations taking place, and big things are in store for them. 

As the students anticipate an exciting and productive semester, Brivette is craving for their support, so they can have a school experience like never before.

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