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|By Quinell Ming, Hilltop Trumpet Journalist

The United Student Movement Vice President of Student Services and Social Affairs Wrenae Hudson is urging students who plan to attend Aquaventure 3.0 to conduct themselves in a mature manner as they enjoy the event.

One of the biggest and most anticipated events in the USM calendar; “Aquaventure 3.0” is scheduled to be held on Thursday October 31, 2019. Since its introduction by the USM 2018-2019 regime, students have come to love this event as it is a great enhancement to the social aspect of student life at Northern Caribbean University (NCU).

However, though previous iterations of the event achieved overall success, there has been concerns surrounding the conduct of the students who attended the function. It is on this premise that Hudson is reminding attendees that Aquaventure 3.0 is still a university event and the behaviour of each student should comply with the rules and regulations governing the daily activities of the university.

He said, “We put on programs like these because we believe the students are very responsible and it is rather painful at the end of the program to see that the same students who you deem responsible be very out of hand. My word to the students is to be very mature as you seek to enjoy this event. Be very smart, be very wise be tactful in the things that you do. Remember that you’re in the confines of the university and as such, the stipulations that guides its operations on a day to day basis still preside at this event.”

Hudson mentioned that security will be heightened on the night to ensure that patrons adhere to the rules governing the event additionally, individuals caught using alcohol or any form of drug will be forced to leave the campus. He said, “We are trying our very best this time around to ensure that there is no breech of the ethos as best is possible, in addition our security is going to be tighter. We are going to be very stringent regarding dress code. This is an official notice to the public, please follow the dress code stipulated on the poster. We will be prohibiting the use of alcohol and other drugs. If you are caught in such act, you will not just be thrown from the event but thrown from the campus.”

Aquaventure 3.0 is a university wide outdoor water social. The event is scheduled to begin at 7PM at the NCU Sports Complex. The function is to include a host of water play activities such as a dunk tank, water slides, pools and a foam pit.

Patrons are asked to abide by the dress code which requires them to wear long opaque tights and a long dark shirt for females and white t-shirt and short pants for males.


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