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Aneka Messam interacting with students
Photo: (Leshaun Panton)

|O’Jay Cole

MANDEVILLE, ncu- A smile that illuminates and brings warmth to those she interacts with on campus, an effervescent personality almost as bouncy and filled with volume as the crown of curls she wears on her head and an obsession for Microbiology.

Introducing Aneka Messam, a Senior at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) who studies Medical Technology otherwise referred to as “Med Tech”. Messam initially thought of studying Nursing but after thorough research and a tour of the lab at NCU during her freshman orientation she knew Medical Technology was the program of study for her “I knew Med Tech was my thing. Oh, and let me tell you, I love the uniform we stand out” said Messam.

Aneka Messam considers herself a Transformational Leader, she was the Projects Director for her department’s club, Medical Technology Undergraduate Association (MTUA) for the 2019/2020 regime “I am all about creating change in one’s self and groups. I strive to motivate others to do more than they originally intended and often even more than they thought possible”.

This approach to leadership coincides with the role she plays as a Mentor at CHANCE JA. CHANCE is a full-service institution aimed at academic and professional success. expulsion. Driven by the notion that education, training and innovation can encourage and promote student leadership, an approach which seeks to build and develop existing skills and competencies of students. “I love people, and I love to socialize and seeing persons smile. Helping young persons to realize their fullest potential is my thing if there is a project and I am free I will be there” said Messam.

Apart from mentoring through CHANCE JA she is involved in outreach programs with other organizations impacting nursing homes and schools. To not limit herself, Aneka is broadening her horizon and philanthropic reach. She recently became a mentor for The Aspirar Mentorship Program which serves a similar role as CHANCE and even has a “little project of her own” as she modestly described where at the end of every semester she donates clothes to the needy and less fortunate. “I don’t see myself as having a lot to give, but give, regardless of how small it is. It will make a difference” said Messam.

Messam ranked in the top percentile for the Medical Technology Language and Content exit exam and she’s slated to graduate in August 2020. She draws inspiration from this quote by Marianne Williamson: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. She ended her interview with the Hilltop Trumpet with advice for prospective NCU students who are interested in studying Medical Technology: “When choosing anything at all, do your research, see if it is something that you like and will want to do for the rest of your life.

For the summer break before university, visit a lab, express your interest in the field and ask all the questions you want (no question is stupid) so that you can determine if MedTech is what you like. Medical Technology is a both theoretical & practical field and you must know how to apply both. As a Medical Technologist Intern, I am happy to know that I contribute to the saving of people’s lives. Ladies and Gentlemen, Aneka Messam! Beauty with a purpose, not merely external but an innate beauty exemplified through her work, impacting lives and fostering positive change.

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