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|Trisanya Drummond.

MANDEVILLE, NCU- The Beaumont Lions emerged as victors after a regular cricket match between themselves and the Brodie Polar Bears on Tuesday evening at the Netball court.

The respective scores at the end of the match were Beaumont 180 and Brodie 166. Beaumont made 180 runs in 10 overs with 5 individuals bowled out whilst Brodie on the other hand made 166 runs with 7 players bowled out.

Past male sports director and score keeper for the match Kayson Duncan said, “Beaumont vs Brodie was an interesting match as Beaumont came out with their females who played well. Brodie also started off well until they started to lose wicket which resulted in them losing the game. But otherwise it was a good match and well played by Beaumont”.

Assistant house captain for Brodie Joshua Williams said, “I felt that Beaumont played a complete game in terms of good bowling and batting. We as Brodie on the other hand still have some work to do in terms of personnel and inter relations between team members but we will pull it together for the championship rounds”.

Brodie house member Marva-Marie Hall also said, “After Brodie lost their best batsperson it all
went downhill, they started losing wicket and that was the end of it”.

This match was played to contribute to the respective houses’ points for NCU Sports day 2020.

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