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Back In Business!

Back In Business!

NCU goal scorers Joel Haye (left) and Markino Ferron (right)

NCU Football Club opened it’s winning account earlier today. Joel Haye and  Markino Ferron lead the school to a victory over Edna Manley in a high-intensity game of InterColl football.

The NCU Oval was littered with spectators earlier this afternoon as the Mandeville Boyz took-on the team from Kingston. From the kick-off, NCU took control of the game with quick and steady counter attacks which led to the first goal coming in the 17th minute off the left foot of Joel Haye.

Edna quickly returned the favor with a goal in the 27th minute after Brandon Dailey was sent to the penalty spot.

However, the home team was handed a golden opportunity just 3 minutes after Edna’s equalizer when they were sent to the penalty spot for a chance to regain the lead. NCU’s Markino Ferron (17) slotted the ball in the bottom left corner to give the home side the advantage.

Thereafter, NCU went on to dominate the match; creating a number of scoring opportunities in and out of the penalty area.

Joel Haye bagged his second goal of the match after he capitalized on a ‘juicy’ through ball pass from Onandi Bell (22) to slip the ball past his defender and around the goalkeeper to complete the match score of 3-1.

Head Coch from Edna Manley, Mr. Malcom expressed feelings of disappointment in his team. he said that there were instances of indiscipline but saw positivity in the substitutions.

Christopher Dunn, head coach of NCU FC said, “I believe the team is still a work in progress. The players have been working hard and we hope to continue winning so they can enjoy their game. It was also a good feeling to win for the fans who were supporting, especially with such a young squad.”




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