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After two years USM makes history with ‘Xaymaca’ concert

After two years USM makes history with ‘Xaymaca’ concert

Photo: NCU students enjoying performances at the Xaymaca concert held at the school’s gymnatorium.

Photo Credit: Zachary Ross

By: Patrice Smith

Mandeville, Manchester – From flashing lights to dance performances to passionate singers and dub poems, ‘Xaymaca’ was a memorable event executed by the United Student Movement (USM) on Thursday, March 17, 2022 at Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) gymnatorium. 

‘Xaymaca,’ previously known as ‘Culture Vibes’ is a social event that highlights and celebrates Jamaica’s diversity and cultural growth throughout the years.

Under the theme ‘Feel di Cultcha,’ poets delivered heartfelt dub poetry following throwbacks of classic Miss Lou songs like ‘Linstead Market’ and ‘Long Time Gyal’ performed by our own Shahaye Choir.

The show flowed smoothly with hosts Tyriek Smith and Trishagaye Kelly who brought the vibes with their playful banter, energetic dance-offs, and audience inclusive activities.

Reggae-filled performances from Duante Forbes, Ackeem Shaw, Nia Davidson, Troy Daley, and Geovanni Baker had the crowd rocking with the rhythm and singing soulfully.

Ending on a high note with performer Anthonia Atkinson, the buzzing crowd never wanted to leave, chanting “We want more! We want more!”

Understanding the students’ excitement was USM President, Neil Brivette, who expressed how important this event was for them.

“It has been 2+ years since the last culture vibes, and students have been craving for a socializing experience such as this. So, being able to provide it is a great achievement,” Brivette said.

The event continues to receive numerous praises from students, alumni, deans and other faculties of staff claiming Xaymaca as one of the best social events yet in USM’s history. 

USM’s Vice President (VP) of Student Services and Social Affairs, Ashleigh Cummings, says despite the pressure on her for the event’s success, she had to do this for the students.

“It was very important to me to have something that not only we as university students can connect with, but sometimes can just enjoy ourselves in nice clean and healthy fun,” Cummings said.

Cummings further expresses her contentment with the event and hopes upcoming VPs of her sector carry the burning torch of ‘Xaymaca.’

A momentous event like this will forever be etched in the minds of the students at NCU.


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