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A Watchdog has Awaken

A Watchdog has Awaken

In November 1990, then President of the Northern Caribbean University Dr. Herbert Thompson – after demanding that students be provided with a medium through which their views can be expressed, oversaw the introduction of the Hilltop Trumpet; the official newspaper of NCU’s United Student Movement.

Sadly, for 28 years the publication has been in a soft state of stagnancy punctuated by sometimes impromptu and mediocre posts and updates.

But! A Watchdog has awakened from its slumber. An army of ‘gatekeepers’ has been assembled to rehabilitate and reconstruct the platform that Dr. Thompson demanded.

The promise of the provision of news content that is current, relevant, credible, and without bias is made to the university population. The Trumpet’s journalists promise to hold to tongues of the promisors accountable for the things that trouble the minds of the students.

However, whilst the journalistic procedures are carried out by the many student journalists scattered across the campus, the image of the university will be taken into consideration and preservation of it is the first priority.

Nevertheless, the conscious awareness of imagery will not suppress the fingers that pen the articles to hold the necessary persons accountable.

Happy reading.

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