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A NEW DAWN IS UPON US- The Centennial Regime Takes Power!

A NEW DAWN IS UPON US- The Centennial Regime Takes Power!

The newly sworn-in United Student Movement Executive Members and sponsors were all smiles at the 2019 USM Inauguration Ceremony.


MANDEVILLE, Manchester – A salubrious entrance into office, the 2019/2020 United Student Movement (USM) regime made its March into power at Northern Caribbean University’s gymnatorium in its grand inauguration ceremony on September 19, 2019. The afternoon’s ceremony opened on a high note with the illustrious duo Antonio Atkinson and Rajae Danvers; the hosts for the ceremony, both students of the Department of Communication Studies.

“Equipped, Engaged, Empowered” is the theme for this year’s regime. A clear representation of how the executive body looked as they marched with valour to be sworn in for service. Performances from Saxophonist Ge’Don Gray and Poet Zaria Lawson had everyone captivated but it was the highly anticipated Inaugural Speech from the newly Elected USM President Kavion J. Allen that brought home to the audience the significance, hope and promise of the new regime.

His address to the audience was brief, nevertheless, it was able to give a clear insight into the plans and projections of this new regime. President Allen spoke of the entrepreneurial spirit that exists on the university’s campus and how these talents must be unearthed, polished and exposed.  “We have barbers, stylists and we need to invest in them,” said Allen. This investment he spoke of is an Entrepreneurial Center that will facilitate the growth and nurturing of the skills of those students on campus who possess entrepreneurial talents.

Financial assistance for Dental Hygiene and Nursing students and lobbying for more government scholarships to be awarded to Northern Caribbean University students were amongst the number of other plans and projections Allen mentioned.

The overarching theme from the inaugural address was that the new regime is taking a selfless approach to power and advocating for the student body. ” I am persuaded, that however daunting the task may be the movement will get it done,” said Allen. He also said that as “chief servant” he will work in favour of the majority and champion the cause of the minority. He describes his team as the centennial regime going into power during the university’s celebration of 100 years in the parish of Manchester and with his clever wordplay, he alluded that the regime going into power for the period 2019/2020 is an indication that they have 20-20 vision and are equipped to take the student population to new horizons and open up the floodgates for new opportunities.

His inaugural address was received with resounding applause from guests, staff and the student body.  The United Student Movement Council (USM) of Northern Caribbean University started in 1935. It is the governing student leadership body for students of the university, representing each voice, and serves as a platform for deliberation, planning and student-led change.


Written by: 

Hilltop Trumpet Journalist
O’Jay Cole
Communication Studies major, Public Relations emphasis
Department of Communication Studies Platinum Honouree 2019/2020

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