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We are here to Serve You.

We are here to Serve You.

MARACAS VALLEY, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: The 2018-2019 regime of the University of the Southern Caribbean’s (USC) Associate Student Body stood across an auditorium stage as the 2018-2019 regime of the student council was inaugurated.

USC’s governing student body was given the official go-ahead to perform their constitutional duties on Monday 8, October when they were inaugurated in the school’s Social Sciences Auditorium.

The institution’s Assemblyman, Farley Augustine highlighted integrity and honesty as two important qualities in leadership during his speech of sound advice to the incoming executive. Augustine encouraged them to be good men and women as they lead in their different capacities, he said “Christian teachings claim that you ought to be great citizens of this world and great citizens of the world to come. Hence, the time that is spent at USC is as good as any in positioning them to change the world.”

Associate Provost of the University, Dr. Wanda Chesney, urged the student body to look for opportunities to better themselves and to lead in a way that will make a difference and impact the University. She said, “I have seen in the past that those students who aspire to leadership move on later in life and embody positions of leadership. So, this is a natural trajectory. Once you get this experience, you normally move on to positions of leadership as you move on in your career”.

In his inaugural address, the newly elected ASB President, Jamel Providence, thanked his team for accepting the call to leadership and reminded the student population of the fact simple that the priority of the student government is the student population. He said, “We are not here to serve ourselves, but to serve you.”

Associate Student Body officers are allowed one year to fulfill their responsibilities. The University of the Southern Caribbean is a Seventh-day Adventist institution located in Trinidad and Tobago. It is operated by the Caribbean Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists.

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