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8 things you did not know about Jody Levy

8 things you did not know about Jody Levy

Jody Asha Levy may seem like a normal Northern Caribbean University (NCU) student but she is destined to be one of the greatest Jamaican cinematographers that have ever lived.

Originally from Mandeville, she attended the Bishop Gibson High School, where her love for movies, television, and theatre sets blossomed. Here are eight nuggets that make Jody Levy a stand out as a promising cinematographer.

  • Born to parents Jacqueline and Huris Levy, Jody grew up as an only child. She did not mind this at first but as she grew older she wished she had a twin. She often feels that her life would have been more fulfilled if she had someone else to share her space with. This drive to share her space and her time with others play well into her future exploits. She is a Christian and enjoys going to church on Sundays.
  • She loves arts and craft and considers herself a creative person. Fashion, music, dance and visual arts are all Jody’s passion. She follows many celebrities’ social media accounts that promote art. “I am always in search of new creative ideas, I think that art and craft is an awesome field to dabble in. I love to learn different and unusual things” the third-year Communication Studies major gushed.
  • She wanted to study at the University of West Indies, Mona but decided to attend NCU instead and study media. She feels that the institution is better equipped to teach her the things she needs to know in order to fulfil her career goals. She has since developed a love for the institution and excels in her studies. She is currently on the Dean’s List.
  • “I hope to become a producer and a cinematographer. I would really love to study cinematography and someday make my own movie. I love interior designing and I love watching youtube videos of it,” Jody stated enthusiastically.
  • She practices using graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop. She often lends a helping hand to her fellow peers whenever they have assignments that involve graphics.  “I love graphics, I am not a pro yet, but I think I am really good at it. In addition to graphics my hobbies include singing, writing, designing and editing.” she boasts.
  • Jody participated in several competitions while at Bishop Gibson High but her most outstanding achievement is winning 1st place in the graphics category for a JIS Heritage poster competition. She was also placed third overall in the competition. “I felt that win was one of the greatest things that I have ever accomplished,” Jody stated as she beamed with pride.
  • Her greatest inspirations include her mother and Beyonce Knowles. These individuals have displayed attributes that she will one day want to emulate. “Beyonce is my inspiration because I appreciate her professionalism. She never stops pushing herself to be better even when people label her as the best. Her work ethic is something I aspire to have. I also appreciate her focus. My mom is also my inspiration, she is extremely determined, hardworking and never takes no for an answer and always goes after what she wants without hesitation.”
  • “Do unto others as you have them do unto you” is her philosophy. ;I try to live by this philosophy because it is very important when you consider working with other people and when you are thinking about how to treat other people in certain situations.”Jody maintained.

As she continues on her path to success, Jody is ready to take on life challenges in pursuit of her dreams.




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